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Shameless Living Group Program

Are you ready to step out of shame and into freedom?


Coached by Kathryn Benko,
Founder & CEO of Sole Fitness

Are you stuck in a shame spiral?
I've been there!

Whether that’s shame about the way you look, the food you eat, the decisions you do or don’t make, the people you are trying to please, or the insane standards you are trying to meet… Shame sneakily finds a way to creep into our minds and convince us we are someone or something that we are not. As a group of women encouraging and empowering other women, we are going to discover the root of our shame, and practice tangible and spiritual ways to overcome it and find freedom TOGETHER! 

Say NO to Shame and YES to Freedom!

Here is what you can expect from the next 4 weeks...

CAP_2019MAY19_SoleFitnessShoot-50 (1).jp


06/29 - 07/20

4 weeks of group coaching Zoom calls, including weekly tools & resources for growth & accountability




06/29 - 07/20

Everything included in the Group Rate,
PLUS a one-one-one coaching call with Kathryn Benko


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Are you ready to dive in?

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