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Welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

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Fitness + Podcasting + Branding + Shameless Living

about me

Nice to
meet you!

I’m a Texas girl living in a Carolina world

with BIG dreams! Those who know me

would call me a fitness enthusiast, wine

connoisseur, dance partner extraordinaire,

and lover of people. My dream is to empower women to step into their true identities - both in life and in business!

At the age of 28, I took a chance and left my

corporate job to pursue full time

entrepreneurship through fitness, podcasting, coaching, & content creation.


I love serving others by helping them find & reveal their true selves. Whether that's in the gym or through their business, my goal is to help people find the best versions of themselves. Seeing people succeed while doing what they love fires me up!

Beyond that... I'm a wife, boy mama, and doodle mom!

sole fitness
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Sole Fitness

Sole Fitness is a community of women striving to live a full life through health, fitness, and shameless living. By nourishing our souls and seeking the source of our identity, our goal is to strengthen our hearts, minds, and bodies together.


Through group fitness classes, discipleship, and community engagement, our hope is that we would own our worth and walk empowered towards truth.​

Sole hosts group sessions every week for all fitness levels! The workout itself varies each time - ranging from Strength + Conditioning to Barre, and more! You don't want to miss out on getting a good sweat in along with some of the coolest ladies out there. 

Health + Fitness + Shameless Living


Tune into my podcast!

Founder of Sole Fitness, Kathryn Benko, is on a mission to create a safe space for vulnerable and unashamed conversations with women everywhere through Heart + Sole. Follow along and tune in every Wednesday to hear stories of breakthrough, shameless living, women empowerment, healthy body image encouragement, and ALL THINGS girl talk!

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Making your brand matchless

With an extensive background in social media marketing, I love serving other creative entrepreneurs by teaching them how to build profitable & sustainable businesses, all while revealing their true personality in the online space!

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